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Since 2015, we have been committed to scooter manufacturing and R&D. The rigorous production process is our attitude towards each product. The quality of excellence is our commitment to every customer.

We adhere to the concept of serving every customer well, and continue to conduct in-depth exploration of products to explore the deeper potential value of products.

We are keen on product innovation, research and development, constantly challenging technical barriers in new fields, developing more fun functions, overcoming every technical difficulty, and deeply testing the stability of the product, so as to bring new and happy experience to every user.

User experience is our core

Adherence to quality is our responsibility

Deep research and development is our value

Innovation is our driving force

Ipozon Booster

In order to bring more fun to your scooter, we have developed a modular power system, a stable CPU, a powerful brushless motor, and a removable battery to bring you a new riding experience. 

Simple assembly can make you easily install it on your favorite scooter. If you are tired, let Booster take you home!

The Newest Trick Scooter

The biggest feature is that it can rotate and turn 360 * 360 at the same time

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