About Ipozon

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A professional scooter manufacturer located in shenzhen,China.

We founded in 2015, a young progressive and creative group. The original intention of build our own team to making scooters is believe that we can bring better product experience to customers through our experience in the scooter industry, hardware industry, etc.

As we understand the most valuable things are those which are beneficial to customers. That’s why we adhere to the original, something different, which can help us to provide customers with targeted service and personalized products.

Everything starts with details

Nothing is accomplished overnight. To scooter manufacture, we focus on every detail of production and strive for excellence, which included the CNC process, surface technics, product assembling and also transportation of products, etc.

Truly understand customer needs, and constantly improve according to feedback. To provide customer noiseless and no damage pro scooter, we creating our own way to ensure product quality.

To Infinity and Beyond!

“Staying hungry, Staying foolish.”We have been thinking about scooters and the potential possibility for scooter. The central point of all our ideas of scooter booster is to bring more fun and possibilities to consumers.

What a wonderful story. The past gives meanings to the present. Our founder, Mr. Luo, specialised in the work of brushless motor in him first 10 years of a career. Based on the understanding of brushless Motor, we have developed the motor for Ipozon booster specially.

A new leaf

We pour our inspiration into each creation just as Ipozon Booster. Research and development for 2 years. Each parts is made exclusively for booster and pro scooter.

““Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Lighter with the premise of performance first. ” Derive from this concept, combine all details including battery, wheel, controller and connector, we tested time and time again. Developed and improved 3 generations of versions.

Focus on User

Business is not only about product,is also about people,about supply chain management. With the cooperation of our experienced sales team and professional engineering team, all requirements will be fed back immediately and solutions will be developed quickly. In addition to this, our team’s scooter enthusiasts, the first generation of Chinese riders, interact closely with the foreign scooter community. This means that with the collaboration of our entire team, we will deliver the most efficient solutions to our customers.

And through the four dimensions of design and development management, supplier management, order management, quality management, starting from the purchase of raw materials to the output of the final product. Build a moat for customer products, control the quality and delivery time.

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