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Ipozon Trampoline Scooter


Ipozon Trampoline Scooter can help in practicing pro stunt scooter tricks on the ground and playing on the trampoline. The innovative patented structural design provides you with more ways to play. Spin, whip, even 360° kickflip!  

To combine, To more fun! Better design, better quality. It’s your turn to do what you want to do! 

We hope with the help of the Ipozon Trampoline Scooter. You can have, be, or do anything you want!

Ipozon Booster(electric wheel)


Ipozon Booster is an electric battery power system, designed for pro stunt scooters especially. Switch your stunt scooter to an electric scooter.

  • Match to scooter deck of 100-130mm wheels
  • Max range 12KM
  • Max speed 20km/h
  • Replaceable battery
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